Tor-powered web browser for secure and anonymous browsing

*This product is an open-source Tor-powered browser uses the Tor distributed networks, is produced independently from the Tor(r) anonymity software and carries no guarantee from The Tor Project about quality, suitability or anything else.

The best solution for privately, anonymously and secure web browsing on iOS

Anonymous browsing

Internet access tunneled over the Tor network

Mask your real IP

Websites do not see your real IP address

Bypass limited networks

Access the entire Internet bypassing ISP's, national filters, corporate, school and any other limited networks

Access hidden services

Access "dark web" websites only accessible through Tor (.onion websites)

Script & content blocking

Block scripts and content that can be used for tracking

User agent spoofing

Hide your device information

How it works?

Onion is a Tor-powered browser that lets you access the Internet privately, anonymously and secure from your iOS device. It's the best solution to bypass limited browsing networks such as corporate, school, public wifi networks and access the entire Internet without any restrictions with full security.

Using the Tor network, Onion hides your real IP address and gives you the ability to browse all sides of the Internet without revealing you identity.

Anonymity matters!

Help & support

The browser is stuck: links don't work & typing in an address doesn't do anything.

Try force-quitting the app and opening it again.
On iOS 7+ Double-tap the "home button" on your device to open a screen showing app thumbnails; you can swipe left and right to see different apps in this screen. Find Onion in this list and swipe up to remove it from the list. Once Onion is removed from the list, the app has been exited successfully. Press the "home" button to exit this app menu. Visit this page for more assistance.

The app is stuck on “Connecting…”

Try force-quitting the app and opening it again.
See instructions in the above answer. (Your network provider may be blocking connections to Tor. If you are an advanced Tor user and would like to try using "bridge" nodes to access Tor, see the "Using Bridges" section below.)

I'm having trouble accessing name of hidden service.

First make sure your iOS device is updating it's time automatically (Settings→General→Date & Time→Set Automatically), since connections to .onion sites require accurate system time.

Second, try accessing another hidden service — such as the hidden service for the DuckDuckGo website (https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/html/) — to see if it's an issue with the hidden service you're trying to use. If you can connect to other services, the one you are trying to access may be down. As mentioned the Tor Help Desk Roundup in this post, "Hidden services are solely under the responsibility of their operators and they are the only one that can do something when a hidden service goes offline."

Still having issues? Have other issues?

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